A faster, easier and more cost effective travel booking technology for TMCs.

Sparrow gives your customers a new and exciting booking experience while saving your agency up to 40% on booking fees.

No commitment Easy setup Made for SMEs

Be up and running in minutes, not days

Setting up your travel agency in Sparrow is simple - add your agency details and connect your GDS credentials, and you’ll be ready to take bookings from your customers in no time.

Manage all your customers in one place

See all upcoming trips, view detailed reports of issued, changed, and cancelled trips, and identify areas where your customers could optimise their budgets.

You can even upload custom trips booked directly with the GDS and create manual charges through Sparrow, and have everything invoiced and accounted for automatically.

Simple, fixed-price booking fees

Sparrow only charges a fixed price fee per booking, giving you room to earn more commissions across flights, hotels, cars and other products.

Balance employee flexibility with company policy

Too restrictive a travel policy and employees find alternative ways to book, and too open a policy means potential for overspending.

Create the perfect balance with our one-click policies and save your customers money while making their employees happy. It’s a win win.

Give your customers all of the loyalty points

Sparrow integrates with Qantas Business Rewards and Virgin Accelerate, so your customers can benefit from all of their business loyalty points and discounts.

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